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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kelantan & Tak Bai, Thailand

Afi dan Kak kin
Nasi kerabu.

Pantai Tujuh

Gedik Fesyen.... Huhu

Just got back from Tak Bai.
On the boat, heading back towards Malaysia's side.

These boats being used to ferry people from one side to the other.

In front of Tak Bai's clock. Time in Thailand, is late an hour. So, we travelled less than 10 minutes to feel an hour younger. Great isn't it?

Durian, a kilo just cost us RM1.80 (18 Baht)

View towards Malaysia's side jetty from Thailand's side.

iPhone 3G

Bank Pitis

Think Green. Hijau Itu Indah.

DiGi - Sentiasa Bersama Anda.

New toy for my dashboard.

They accept credit card!

On a bridge, looking back and the sun is beautifully settings down.

Police check-points, there were so many!

Perhentian Titi Wangsa.