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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Arrogant eBay Seller

Hello guys,

Have anyone came across arrogant eBay sellers, that pushing you to agree to their price, or reply to your email as if he has no obligation to, answering questions about product by ignoring important answers?

I have recently, bought something on eBay and perhaps unfortunate enough, that the stuff I have been looking for was in the hand of this person who is really arrogant. Three emails sent asking about the product, only one answered.

Despite my courtesy, the seller only replied and hold me captive in the negotiation. I decided, I want that (not NEED, WANT!) so I agreed, he did not even say thank you. Just gave his bank account number and despite me writing new email of payment, no answer - went blank.

And when asked, not even a thank you!

Yes, payment received. XXXXXX will send tomorrow morning.

This kind of seller, I really wish NOT to deal anymore. But, the next time I saw stuff, by searching using specific keywords, the person listed on the first page. Why people with bad manners always have the stuff we want?

Being friendly doesn't cost a thing. But for sure, I wont leave him any feedback or if I do, will surely write a sarcastic one.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


LOL... After two years and havent write anything, perhaps this is time for me to write again :-)