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Monday, August 31, 2009

Iftar @ Kuala Juru

Sunset at rivermouth, facing Penang Island.
Gravy crabs... Delicious!
Khirwan and his deals.
This drink was ordered an hour earlier.
It was like a movie scene, that when Yukta said that he was to leaving at 7.50 should our food not served, they sent it right up at 7.49 - we had ordered like an hour earlier, but not even our drinks were served! But then, we did enjoyed our crabs....

Memories Back Then - IO's Homestay @ Sedim, Kulim (2005)

I was cleaning my boxes of books and CDs to make sure that they are still good. Well, I do need some more space after all since my collection of books keep on being added from time to time. Then, I found two discs labelled USM (International Office's Homestay 2005). One of the disc was irrecoverable (have lots of pics!) But, still I am glad that one the disc was somehow intact. (To prevent the same 'disaster', I have copied all the files inside the CD into my hard disk.)

Emceeing a final program with Aishah

(At that time, she was my student, now pursuing her masters).

Wet time huh??

Reminiscing my good shape...

Me, Kushairi, Sunny and Jan.

At time, I wished that I had never to leave USM ever again...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Concorde Hotel, Aduh Sakit Hatiku!

Irwan and I kat lounge sebelum gi LiveBand yang tak nak main lagu aku... Dengki!
Ghost in the mirror...

Inilah punca sakit hatiku, internet punya mahal... Azab, so stingy la hotel management dia. Tak der value added langsung....

Terbang dalam air... Huhu...

Thanks Irwan, bawak jalan2... Hehehe...

Inilah Hotel Concorde yang merepek itu...

Sharani & Hasrul.. Kat Mid-Valley.
Pejabat Les Copaque (yang buat citer GENG) kat Shah Alam.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 - Test Review

So, I had the chance last night to give a try on the new Windows 7, which was said to debut on this coming October. It was amazing! But to be honest, it is so much alike to Vista. Perhaps the way it looks and its menu arrangements. I think that I am still in love with Windows XP, which it is not much cluttered and easy to use without having to bypass so many security measures.

Ok back to what I had tried, Windows 7. First, we get to install the system onto a Compaq laptop. The installation was smooth! Finishing the installation, we need to update drivers so that the laptop can command to work with its attached peripherals. Other than Intel Wireless, other drivers worked and installed smoothly. Then we had to lookout for XP drivers from Intel website. This part was a bit tricky and time consuming. To look-out and download is one thing and Windows taking a longer time to update and install is another. Other than that, I don't see a reason why Windows 7 can't work with a laptop or its current devices.

Installing 3rd party program seems to be easy, except that Windows tend to take a longer time to verify the executables and passing its own security. Apart than that, these programs worked fine (but have not tried many other programs, just few that I can put my hand into).

The taskbar has new looks, unlike to Windows XP that horizontal bar will stretched to display program's or document's name, Windows 7 just show program’s icon. And it is grouping accordingly. I think this is somewhat alike to Mac, where minimised program will show icon on the deck (the last time I used Mac, my own, was last year's September & October - the version that works on Intel - MacOS X Tiger).

Running installed 3rd party program was easy!! Ah, one thing - the Internet Explorer has been integrated to default search to use BING, Microsoft's own search engine. Another thing, the icons are huge, hate that!

I don't really have a say in this, whether we should migrate from XP (or currently Vista) to Windows 7. Perhaps, we need to wait for some more time until it has been used by many other user and its future holes being padded by SP1.

As for me, I will stay on course using Windows XP (easy and less tricky) as well as Windows Server 2003. Not only these two systems are still stable for common but both use less space and fewer resources. I know that nowadays space cost is not an issue anymore (1GB can only cost around RM0.30), but other things need to be factored in.
In this Windows 7, I don’t get myself to use or find many other significant differences, perhaps it was due to my experience with Vista during my last job in USM.

Why I don't think that I will not be upgrading to Windows 7 just yet? Here can be some simple reasons:

I used my laptop mainly for:
1. Chatting on YM.
2. Checking my facebook & blog.
3. Watching movies.
4. Develop script-based program.
5. Still hooked to Visual Basic 6 (I hate dotNET which slowing down my system).
6. I am still working on some DOS-based program, which Windows Vista & 7 perhaps might not support.

So, why do I need to upgrade to another system I am not familiar with? Perhaps in time, like the last time when I upgraded my system from Windows 98 to XP. I gave so many reasons not to upgrade, only after I get to use other people's XP then I decided that I need to have on my own as a little insurance to cover against the common Windows 98 BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).

Last but not least, I would still like to welcome Windows 7 into the community. Only time will tell whether it is going to be a success (and eventually a successful successor for XP) or another disaster after Vista. Until that time, let's keep fingers crossed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rain & Beautiful Sky

it was raining that day, but the sky was beautiful. not only after the heavy pouring water, but after spending some cold moments getting myself wet, the sky returns to be amazing again. there are so many thing that i missed, my childhood time when i was separated and my crazy time during school-breaks. perhaps, i am spending lavishly for some cozy life, but i don't see that is right anymore, because you can never buy your childhood dreams and laughs again.

For some asking for the reason behind my Yahoo Messenger's status: 'Awan Biru' - hope this is a perfect answer for you, that life will not awaits you, and you have got to be 'awake' all the time and appreciate what you have... Live in the moment, not in some regret.

Nando's Plamera

It has been sometime since my last post. Sorry, got hooked to Facebook. Guess that I need to make my blog somehow readable or perhaps not too outdated. So, here's something... KD @ Kris Dayanti versi Plamera @ Ketua Darjah decided that we all should go for Nando's - authoritarian sangat! So, here's some pic of us....

I don't know who's this hungry lady, cannot be identified (?). But I believe she enjoyed her chicken so much that all left behind was all bones and she with full force of passion enjoying her steamed maize like it was the last stick on earth.

My meal... How delicious and expensive it was! (I exaggerated)

They have the right to pose, since they were paying quite a hefty tax on the service per plate.

To the left, she just got her face powdered. Can't quite remember if I had already posted her picture above. Perhaps, I was mistaken with someone else.

While waiting for ordered meals, aside getting their face powdered, some may choose to interact nicely towards my camera.

Next pit-food-stop???