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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Microsoft Windows Collection

I still have some more to update....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pisang Goreng Mahal

Punyalah mahal, mungkin pisang ni digoreng dengan tepung goreng ayam KFC kot, pastu letak sikit campuran daging burger... Sebab tu la walaupun pisang tu dah potong kecik2, harga tetap mahal macam beli keropok lekor....
Kisah si sebuah kafe, universiti ternama....

Sunday, February 3, 2008


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Penang Web 2.0

With Collin Wong, who used to make huge money with Google!
Suhairi, phone-man!

Happy Birthday Boss

Here Comes Another Bubble Version 1.1

Very funny video.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Aliens vs Predator 2: Requiem

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR relegated its intergalactic grudge match to Antarctica, keeping most of humankind gleefully ignorant. This time around, though, the destruction takes place in suburban America, and those who have been waiting for it finally get to witness facehuggers, alien hybrids, and the dreadlocked Predator wreak some homeland havoc. Directors Colin and Greg Strause (billed as "The Brothers Strause") don’t seem concerned with achieving the tension of the original ALIEN and PREDATOR films, instead using their visual effects backgrounds to create a steady stream of monsters, gore, and goo. Picking up where AVP ended, REQUIEM sees Predator on a homebound spacecraft when a baby alien/Predator hybrid bursts from his chest, causing the ship to crash in the Colorado woods. Several facehugger specimens escape, planting eggs down the throats of a hunter and his son. Soon, baby aliens emerge from their bodies and head for town, where ex-con Dallas (Steven Pasquale), Iraq War vet Kelly (Reiko Aylesworth), pizza delivery boy Ricky (Johnny Lewis), high school heartthrob Jesse (Kristen Hager), and sheriff Morales (John Ortiz) have their own separate encounters with the creatures. The dead Predator’s home planet receives a transmission of the alien outbreak, and a fellow denizen of his world is dispatched to clean up the multiplying aliens, eventually causing enough death and destruction for government intervention. This is essentially a slasher film (or FREDDY VS. JASON with aliens), and the characters in REQUIEM are secondary to the creature effects. Fans of the comic books and videogames will appreciate the Strauses‘ adherence to the lore of the series, but others will probably just find thrills in the copious special effects, which are frequent and well-done (if often occurring in darkness). There is also a significant amount of indiscriminant gore in this rightfully R-rated film. A government conspiracy plot thread and an ambiguous ending ensure that this battle isn’t over yet.

Today, I have the chance to rest my mind to watch this movie. But, I don't have total attention to watch, got something to do on my laptop. I think this movie has nothing much to really be at good rating, because the creativity is there, but is not fully developed. Unlike to its previous movie, this movie is somewhat boring, and I don't really suggest to go for this movie. Unless, you have some free time, has nothing to do, don't want to think what is going to happen next, and you dont' have anything else to watch, then you can go for it.

Rating: 2/5



Kaulepaskan laying-layang
di angkasa luas terbang melayang
menayangkan gemalai
dan cantik tarian.

Mereka yang mendongak
menguntum senyum
menyemarak sorak
di celah awan
harapan berarak.

Eratkanlah pegangan tali
jangan terlepas di hujung jari
hilang baying-bayang tiada berjebak
kerana akan tiba detiknya
laying-layang harus turun ke bumi
melunaskan segala janji.

Jika Hanya Menonton

Jika Hanya Menonton

Kita hanya menonton
bukan berlakon
kita hanya melihat
bukan membuat
akhirnya orang mendapat
kita terkulat-kulat.

Kita hanya memerhati
bukan menyertai
kita hanya hendak
bukan bertindak
akhirnya orang ke puncak
kita tidak.

Kita hanya mengidam
tidak menanam
akhirnya orang memetik buah
kita di bawah
mengharap ihsan
orang kesian
jika diberi sebiji dua

Sedang tanpa usaha
tidak akan berjaya
seperti padi
tak akan menjadi
atau dapat dituai
jika hanya duduk menanti
dan tidak disemai