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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Movie Review: A Walk to Remember (2002)

Last week, I went to Alor Setar to give talk on Account Management, and later that night I went to see a friend there, Sayuthi. I asked if he can suggest me a movie to watch, and a prompt answer from him just "A Walk to Remember".

Then I came back to Penang, and start looking for the movie. I found it on Wednesday, but only today (Saturday) I have time to watch it... I thought it just another romance or comedy story...

But in turn, I got tears as it to warming up my heart with intense "pain", "love" and "sincerity". I was very sad, but it is meaningful of how life can be "cruel", but "I am not angry with God". Since you love him, "be fair to him."

Jamie saved my life
She taught me everything.
About life, hope...
...and the long journey ahead.
I'll always miss her.
But our love is like the wind.
I can't see it...
...but I can feel it.

Don't asked me much about it. If you are looking for a movie that could move your heart, then watch this. I would give 5/5.

Pursue your dreams!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

New Watch (II): TIMEX

Oppss..... So crazy about wrist watch!

Movie Review: Made of Honour (2008)

Went for the movie yesterday with Hafiz at Golden Screen Cinema, Queensbay. Another love story, but not so sticking. The characters were well developed, though it was much the same like other love story "he loves her, but she loves another man, but at the end they get married and live happily ever after", it brings some differences.

The one that everyone shall notice would be the "gay"-character, since Tom has been invited to be the Maid-of-Honour and everyone thinks of him being gay. But in order for Tom to pursue his loves towards Hannah, he tried to make everything perfect in the sense of showing that he is now matured enough and sensitive.

It also "brings" the audience to Scotland, the land of beauty with its sceneries and traditions. The low-kilt wore by Tom, the Higland Games, the Gaelic-speaking ladies and some not-so-thicked accent.

I would give 3/5 and if you like this kind of theme, then you better watch it by yourself....

My Escape Place II

I don't have to explain much, but I do enjoy these very much....

Night by the paddy grasses.
Pisang tunjuk langit, sebab jantung pisang ni naik dan hala ke langit.
(Star-pointer banana, due to it's pointing towards the sky)


Hang-over at local Malay roti canai.

Ulam raja.

Green scenery of paddy field.
Lalang-lalang cinta.
Wild Orchid

Just click to enlarge those pictures. (Olympus u1030SW)

Cinta Tiada Akhirnya

Dia tidak indah di matamu,
Dia tidak menggentarkan batinmu,
Tetapi dia ada di hati kecilmu.

Cinta misteri yang mudah diperoleh,
Tapi sukar ditakluki dan payah dilupai.


Investing into AirAsia

I have been holding into AirAsia shares since July 17, 2006 (whilst I am still studying in USM). Between the time, I already made some profit by buying and selling AirAsia's shares, though not much - it has somehow gave me some useful experience.

As time goes by, and the weaking of global market (and some says that we are going for recession) gives me the opportunity to buy AirAsia (5099)'s at discounted price and accumulate into existing holding. I was able to buy below the par value, and collecting them all together still making the average below par.

AirAsia has never announced any dividend(s) to date, but the shares are likely to soar when the market is getting back on its feet again. But some factors are needed to be given consideration, namely the OIL FACTOR and INFLATION FACTOR.

As the oil prices have been announced to hit another history at USD170 a barrel, and AirAsia are operating their fleets which consumed huge amount of oils, hence will get affected very directly. But, as we all k now that Tony Fernandez is a man of ideas and he has lot of creativity, I am positive that AirAsia will recover given the fact that AirAsia successful track record.

And seeing from another perspective, the likely and increasing inflation rates in Malaysia will effect power and expenditures volume. People will spend less and will look at on how they can save their valuable earning penny.

All in all, I am positive that AirAsia will make some good progress very soon. I just wish that I have some money more that I can spend to buy the shares and keep it as a long term investment.

M. Shahirasul Idrewoods
USM, Penang.
5.34 pm

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Randy Pausch's Inspiring Last Lecture

I read Utusan Malaysia, and there was an article on Randy Pausch, who is spending his last hours for terminal cancer and delivered a lecture at Carnegie Millon University on September 18th 2007.

The "Last Lecture" for its has been well known, or the real title is "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" was very inspiring, and receiving huge hits on the internet. I myself, has been downloading the video at YouTube that painstakingly spending half-an-hour of my life for 177MB - to tell you, it worth it!

It won't be everyday that someone can really knock your brain, of how much time do you have in your life, and have you been "wonderful" and tell the one you love, how much you love them. Pausch asked everyone to go through every second that we have with its full meaning and enjoyment.

Being a father for three, he has been spending moments of his final time to bid them goodbye in his own way. I learn so much from him, and I thanked him so much for putting some words that would have realized me of something I had but I've never been thankful for that.

Prof Pausch, I wish that God Almighty shall put His Mercy on you.

Watch his 76 minutes lecture on YouTube, below...

(I can't write anymore, there's tears coming down....)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Movie Review: Beautiful Thing (1996)

It has been quite sometimes that I have been watching (or speaking as it matters) in thicked English accent. Sometimes, I myself found it to be hardly enough to understood.

But, that is not case here why I'd suggesting this new PLU Theme Movies (GTM, another term for those who don't). This is another movie that I think has it own meaning trajectories and that go far beyond what we usually think of things to happen.

Main character is Jamie Gangel and Steven (Ste) who fall in love with other, and yet they are young, still going for school and living next door to each other. Ste who lives with hot-temper father and bullying brother, founds his escape with Jamie - often taken home by Jamie's mother, Sandra. Put on the same bed, sleeping as top-and-tail, it laters develop another term to Sandra, "Seventy minus one".

Ste who cannot accept and think what would the society think of him to be known as queer, afraid that others will know and tried to hide it from everyone, especially his father. Since they have no other place that they can share the romance without letting know by others, Jamie proposed to Ste that they can go to gaybar at Gloucester (and bus 180 route takes them there) and Ste being seen to start to accept who he really is without the worries that they are the only two in the world that being different.

It caught laters, that their relation exposed to Sandra - and it amazes me enough to see how Sandra cope with it and giving her support for her son (and son-in-law). She even said to her mate, "I will never have grandchildren."

The story ends where Jamie and Ste dancing together right in front of their town-house and crowd watching them densely dancing will full emotion towards each other. How Jamie and Ste cope with their feeling, and how they are not afraid of the society labels inspired me.

This is a must watch for everybody, since being different doesn't mean that we have to be separated from our loved family - but it should ties us closer.

One way ticket takes me anywhere, northbound, southbound, I don't even care. I know the grass is greener there. Age is only a number.

Some things are just hard to say. When it's going to happen, it's going to happen at last.

IMDB review: This tender story of two teenager's sexual coming of age in a working-class development in London is an inspiring, tender, emotional tale. Jamie is a reserved teen, close to his pub manager mom, who prefers old Hollywood musicals to sports. His friendship with his hunky neighbor Ste, a fellow student who suffers through a troubled family life, soon develops into a sexual and eventually a loving relationship. How the two boys tentatively handle their nascent sexual drives and how it affects their family and friends is handled in both a fresh and surprisingly upbeat fashion. A wonderful comedy-drama and possibly the best coming out film to date.

Aleph: It comes to me that either we face it or we'll never know of ourself. You're on your own when you're swimming, but loves will give the route for you to follow. I give 5/5 - a must watch!

Approaching Session

Approaching a PLU guy in USM.... While one already started his move, and the other one is still shy... Yet, they get only separated by one seat.

USM Theme: Series 1

Ok guys, I finally decided to walk around in USM and snap some good pictures; the buildings, plants, etc and published it here as USM Themes. I shall update from time to time. Anyone interested into re-using any image, please do so - but please state my blog name in the credit.
Some pictures are taken close enough to show its details, for example in this Series 1, there are beautiful flowers that I took close-up (macro) and in order to see higher resolution, just click on respective image.
All images taken using Olympus u1020SW, at 5mpx each.
USM Guide @ Sungai Dua Entrance

Click to enlarge...

Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut 2

USM Mosque

Night from my office door.

Click to enlarge. Beautiful bunga api.

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.
Pusat Bahasa dan Terjemahan (D10)
My office, Kompleks Eureka.

Loving him or Him?

Look what I've found while walking about in USM...

Azim's Wedding

Congratulations to Azim, who had finally meets-up his life partner and I wish that you guys will remained forever in love!

(then I was scared to let him knows what happened then)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My New Wrist-watch

My brand new wrist-watch (I tell you this - I loathe wristwatches, and I seldom and have for years did not wear them). Don't bother asking the price, and sorry for crappy images (just getting new to the camera).

My Room, My Book

I like to read, I'll read anything that have letters (and numbers at some). I have so many books, that I have to keep some into few boxes, so I have some space to breath. Most of my book is on Religion Comparison (Muhammad in the Bible, Science According to Bible and Quran, etc), Computer (Computer Virus, UNIX, VB, etc), Financial Management (WANG, I Love Stock, etc), Self-help (Bercinta Lagi [sounds desperate], Berkata-kata, etc), Personal Interest (Nostradamus, UK Study Guide [I like to read about new places], magazines) and some novels (I have more at home and in my boxes).... Also can be seen, my Stamp Album, toiletries bottles from hotels I had stayed and personal stuff.

A Gift: Wrist-watch

A nice watch afterall... A present for my "dedication" applying for Mastercard and AMEX from Hong Leong Bank. Funny! But I really like the watch, simple yet fulfilling...

Movie Review: Breakfast with Scot (2007)

Ever wonder if two committed person taking care a child? How would it looks like, then? How if one of the person is not ready, thus creating situations into their daily lives? Or one of them trying to be in closet?

I think this movie answer so many part of two committed guys, on how they see life, and how can they put more colours into their life and blend it so that the colours can also bring emotion. How Eric still trying to keep closeted of his personal life, though the things he tried to hide was well known to his friends and co-workers (including his boss), the reason they don't want to say anything was they want to respect his choice. Hardly enough, that Sam tries to heat their relation and putting thing of being couple into their daily lives, but being rejected by Eric whenever they are in public.
Being cold for sometimes, Eric later realises that people already knew that he is gay - and yet they still don't mind. He tries to nurture Scot's ever growing tendencies to be closeted as his, but only to find that he can never run away from being who he is and who he was.

Despite being the one who ruined the atmosphere, Eric then being the one that warms his committed relationship and put away the homophobic shyness (internalise homopobia) in himself.

Breakfast with Scot brings another dimension, on how relationship and life and colours and emotions play greater roles into being who we are and how we choose to live with and to live about. Not only that, we need to assimilate from personal life and professional life so that people not going to see that we are not someone without talent.

I love this movie, and will watch it again... I hope we can benefit much from this movie on the part of understanding our own emotions.
IMDB Comment:
This is a fantastic script - hilarious with heart. Ed and Sam have been in a committed relationship for four years. Ed's a former hockey player turned sportscaster and Sam's a sport's lawyer. But when Sam's adventure seeking brother Billy, takes a job in South America, his ex-girlfriend, Julie, is discovered dead from a drug overdose leaving her son Scot (not Billy's son) to Billy. But Billy is missing in action so Sam is left to pick up the pieces. But the problem is Ed never wanted kids. When 11 year old Scot arrives and they open his duffle bag, inside they find... one pink musical hairbrush, two plastic containers of beads and faux-gold chains, a pink poodle belt, and four pairs of white sock-ettes with lacy fringe at the top... they realize Scot is more out of the closet then they are even though he does not know it yet. A unique boy in an even more unusual situation, Scot throws Ed and Sam's life into complete disarray. When Billy finally show's up to take Scot back to South America - Ed and Sam can't bear the thought of losing Scot. In the spirit of ABOUT A BOY, BILLY ELLIOT and MA VIE EN ROSE, BREAKFAST WITH SCOT explores what it truly means to be a family, hilariously contrasting familial stereotypes with the realities of family life and showing how it feels to be a boy who doesn't quite fit into the role society has prepared for him.

In sum, a PLU movie does not need to have sex frames to make it lively.

Burning Spree

It was 5 in the morning, and a van got burned at my neighbourhood, and something that they didn't notice was another car was also burnt at the back. Proton Wira Aeroback. It is not safe anymore.
The first two pictures are fire burning a van (taken using Sony Ericsson), while the two second picture of burnt Wira (taken using HTC) at two different times.

At time of writing, we still do not know the motive of the burning... God, it becoming scary from day to day!