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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PTPTN - Kita Tertipukah??

This is my email to PTPTN

From: M. Shahirasul []
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 9:02 PM
To: penyata
Subject: Pertanyaan Berkaitan Caj Perkhidmatan PTPTN


Saya ingin memohon maklumat lanjut berkenaan caj perkhidmatan PTPTN yang akan dikurangkan kepada 1% bermula 1 Januari 2009. Adakah sebarang tindakan yang perlu saya ambil atau pengurangan akan dilaksanakan secara automatic?

Saya telah mula membayar pinjaman saya pada tahun lepas.

Terima kasih.

M. Shahirasul

This is their reply.

From: Wan Siti xxxxxx Binti. Megat Hashim []
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2008 9:06 AM
To: M. Shahirasul @ Abdul Halim bin A.R.; penyata
Cc: penyata; aduan
Subject: RE: Pertanyaan Berkaitan Caj Perkhidmatan PTPTN


Salam Sejahtera,

Untuk makluman, perlaksanaan caj 1% bermula pada 1 jun 2008 sebagaimana kenyataan akhbar Y.B. Menteri Pengajian Tinggi dalam akhbar-akhbar utama pada 14 Ogos 2008. Pihak pengurusan PTPTN sedang menyediakan kaedah dan peraturan pelaksanaannya dan akan diedarkan untuk makluman dalam tempoh terdekat. Maklumat mengenai perkara ini boleh didapati di laman web Kaedah dan peraturan tersebut juga akan dipaparkan di Laman Web PTPTN untuk panduan umum. Surat perjanjian yang baru akan dihantar kepada peminjam awal Januari 2009, tempoh diberikan selama 30 hari untuk kembalikan kepada PTPTN. selepas pelarasan siap sepenuhnya, kos 1% akan berjalan seperti biasa bagi mereka yang tidak mempunyai tunggakan pinjaman sebelum ini. "Semua permohonan (untuk satu peratus) akan ditapis terlebih dulu dengan melihat kepada jumlah pembayaran mereka. Mereka yang membayar mengikut kadar ditetapkan sehingga 31 Mei lalu, layak menerima pengurangan caj. Bagi yang gagal membayar mengikut jadual, mereka tetap dikenakan caj perkhidmatan lama dan hanya boleh menikmati caj baru selepas selesai membayar tunggakan pinjaman ptptn sehingga 31 Mei 2008.

Sila maklumkan alamat dan no tel terbaru jika ada perubahan.

Harap maklum

My Comment:

Cis, ada catch jugak rupanya... Ingatkan sumer orang layak... Baik tak payah promote bagai nak rak... Dan lagi satu, benda ni follow ke dengan Majlis Fatwa?

Kalau nak buat tu, kurangkan jer la... Nak ada catch tu kenapa lagi.

Kepada kengkawan yg liat bayar padan muka korang... Hahaha... (Termasuk la jugak aku, walaupun ada scholarship, tetap gatal nak amik PTPTN) Tapi aku tetap bayar... Semoga PTPTN cepat2 kaya...

My New Baby - Another Toy!

OK.. I am heavily downloading from Rapidshare, even I put my PC to act as server to dedicate downloading files from RS server. I have been using RS ever since it was know to internet user, while I was in USM (at that time, was not blocked).

Last September, I bought one year package, so it seems like a little crazy and feeling nausea sometime learning that I am downloading so many things. Heck!

Mostly, I would download movies and series, which updated weekly. So, the server needs to run almost everyday - so, just imagine my electricity bills.

Since using RS to download files, I had bought two IDE hard disks - 250GB and 400GB each after I can't burn them all the files into DVD anymore.

This month, I have to buy new hard disk to accommodate more files that being downloaded everyday.

Went to a computer shop, and the largest space they have is like 1TB (or 1000GB). Unfortunately available as SATA which my PC won't be able to support it. Therefore, I need to buy a mobile case that house it.

Learning that I may need more room if I ever (of course I will) buy new hard disk - I chose the casing that allows two SATA hard disks to sit next to each other.

Let's look at my new baby...

My baby in action.

It got powered up during power testing.
As you can see, it can accommodate two disks.
Seagete Barracuda 7200, 1000 Gigabytes

I named the disk as Arynthian. See how large it is!

I have never expected space to be at this size way back in 1998. During my school days, the largest disk space I have ever seen was 500MB (way back in 1997 and 1998 but now, my pendrive is 8 times larger). My sister's PC was only 4GB (2000).

My first PC has only 20GB (2002), before I upgraded new disk, stands at 80GB (2003).

I used to learn to calculate the cost of the space from an old PC management book. Years ago, during the early days of PC, disk space is scarce and expensive.

So, I calculated the cost. The SATA 1TB disk costs me RM410 and RM155 for the casing. So, using simple straightforward calculations, 1GB would cost me RM 0.41 (41 sen) or RM0.57 (57 sen) should I consider its casing.

Compare it to 20GB that cost me around RM300 in 2002. RM15 for 1GB - how does this sounds to you.

Let's wait for year 2018 and check the price again!

(Sorry to put up numbers, I am mathematician who has great interest when it comes to financial calculations but happened to be a software engineer)

M. Shahirasul

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some Pics During Last Outstation (November 2008)

Ok. Just some pics to share. Taken during my last outstation (17 until 22 November 2008) to Cyberjaya (staying at Royale Bintang Hotel - free WiFi) and Melaka (staying at Seri Costa - no WiFi).

Pics are not in orderly manner. Sorry for that...

Eye of Malaysia, Melaka
Mansion by Melaka River.
Melaka River.
A Famosa
Inside St Paul Church
View towards Straits of Malacca on top of St. Paul Hill.
Someone is taking care from the inside city wall. I'd say reeling into the past.
Mind my tummy.
Taming Sari Tower.
View from in front of Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah.
Nilai 3 - I like the art.
Nilai 3 - Another nice one.
I want this one for my entrance hall.
"Nak Jawa jugak, umo 25 hingga 28." Skrip sapa ek?
View towards Seremban Lake, can be seen also A&W. From fourth level of Seremban Parade.
Royale Bintang Swimming Pool. (I met Mr Clayton here)
Apak Kiyau tokeh karipap...
Errk... Cracking my head, slowly and easily...
Royale Bintang, Seremban

More pics later...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Domino's Pizza - Seberang Jaya - Penang

Never tried Domino's Pizza. So, went with my good friend, to have a try... Well, it is sort of I got voucher from TM to have a large pizza, with free extra cheese.

Ordering slip... They even put your name there...

Have a look at the pizza! (Closed-up)
I don't know what I had ordered. Asked the operator to suggest me and I just nodded to her suggestions.... But it taste good!
They don't serve in plate. So help yourself with the box.

Seberang Jaya
15 Nov 2008

A&W Seremban - After 6 Years

It was six years ago, I was here... The first outlet in Malaysia. Seremban by the Lake Seremban.

Was here during Eid-ul Adha 2002 and celebrating librarians day from prep-college. It was a memorable thing. Never thought that I can be here again, but work brought me here again.

Shall post more views of Seremban. (It changed a lot like alot!)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Queer as Folk (UK version) - Season 1

I spent the weekend watching Queer as Folk (UK version) season 1 from the morning, episode one to four straight until 2.30 pm and continue after shopping split, from five to eight. All in a day!

Since I have watched season one Queer as Folk (USA version), I not much anxious of to what going to happen next and no more nerve breakdown as the time I watched QaF Season 1 (USA). Perhaps I am not ready to watch it (stopped at Season 2, episode 4, need to find time and put my mind together, lots of things happening lately.)

It brings sentimental in it. Reminding me to the time during prep-colleg and good time in university in Penang, which all of those are worth remembering. To which I will never forget nor regret for what I did.

It has been quite sometime to hear English accent (London outskirt’s to be exact, which I made terrible laugh when I first heard to them spoken to me, way back like ages ago – their vowel U pronunciation sounds ticklish funny. No offend, though!)

Having watched QaF of both UK and USA version, I would rather say – US version has many issues that it tackled about whilst UK version of more towards reality – not everyone has super great look and only going for sex. But, US version has better impression. I’ll vote 10 for US version, and leaving 9 for UK version.

Now, looking for suitable time to do two hours marathon for second season (or better, finale) QaF UK.

H. Shahirasul Idrewoods

Friday, November 14, 2008

Browsing Through Old Pictures (mix)

Being a student has many perks, one of it - maintaining a good body shape...
Looks so skinny!

Birthday party by the sea. Waktu tu aku demam...

Kak Shima dan Firdaus.
Program USM International Office di Taiping.

With my student.

Believe it or not, I wore this to my tutoring class. My students say nothing!
She tagged along...

Test-drive buggy masa kerja kat Bukit Jambul Country Club.

With Boy-junior.

Shall post more... Has lots of memories.

Browsing Through Old Pictures (Studio Pictures)

Lawak sangat... 3 poses jer... Sunny (India) and Jan (Holland).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Setting Rapidshare Download with IDM

So you are new to Rapidshare or has been using it for quite sometime, but still downloading the manual way. I have this tutorial on how you can set the rapidshare to download every links faster and easier using download manager to save your time as well as to automatically download every of your link. Not only that, if you are leaving the computer to download, you can also set it to shutdown once it finished downloading all the given links.

Just one simple tutorial. Hope it is useful. Bear in mind, I assume no responsibility from your action following this tutorial.

After logged into Rapidshare account, click on Settings.

Check the box next to "Direct downloads, .... Rapidshare"
After modifications, click on Save button to save changes made.

Ok, that's done settings with Rapidshare site. Now you need to made some important settings in download manager program, I am using Internet Download Manager (IDM), thus screen captures will be based on it. I am pretty much sure that the logic of the settings also applies to other download manager as well.

Click Downloads and choose Options.

Select Sites Login tab.
Click on New.

In the Server/path field, add
Add your rapidshare username in the User field.
Add your rapidshare password in the Password field.
Click OK.

If you had already added rapidshare links into IDM, it will display this confirmation. If there's no links added, you won't be seeing this.

If you have multiple links to download with IDM, you can save your time by following this simple technique.

Copy all the links into a single text-file, and save it somewhere as text file. One line of for each link.

Click Tasks > Import > From text file.

To accomodate automatic downloading, you have to make some settings in the  scheduler.

Click on the tab, Files in the queue. I would advise you to set Download 1 files at the same time.

If you need the computer to shutdown after finish downloading, check Turn off computer when done followed by Force processes to terminate. If you are in the middle of downloading, you can alter the settings and click Apply.

To start the automatic download, click on Start Queue icon.

Enjoy your downloading time with rapidshare...